Juliet & Dead Romeo

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Just finish my cozy mystery novel, Juliet & Dead Romeo, and sent it off to my favorite publisher!

There never was a story of more woe, than that of Juliet & Dead Romeo

In modern day New York, Daddy’s girl Juliet Da Vinci is the toast of Verona’s Vineyard, except to the Romeo family who’d rather see her corked in a wine vat than loose on the street; she gets involved in the family feud as much as the men do. Juliet is secretly in love Roman Montague, but her moody Romeo is the least of her problems when she stumbles upon a Dead Romeo on the Da Vinci property.

Against the backdrop of a town turned against the Da Vincis, Juliet sets out to prove her family had nothing to do with the death of Mariotto Romeo, even though the police name her father as their primary person of interest. Juliet comes up with her own list of suspects, including all of Mariotto’s immediate family, the drug-addict haunting the woods outside the church, and possibly her own cousin, Tybalt Gatti, who tells Juliet of another family member’s clandestine love affair,  secret marriage, and possible suicides.

After another death, this time on the Da Vinci side of the feud, and her father’s arrest for murder, Juliet believes she knows who the killer is. Regrettably Juliet sends her detective boyfriend in the wrong direction and must face the killer on her own, without her daddy, without anyone. Will faking her own death save her life?




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That’s it, I’m bored of peanut butter now.

A favorite is the Reese’s peanut butter with any milk chocolate so that you may ratio the chocolate as you see fit.

Love My Spot, Love Me

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My favorite spot in my house…


Actually, this is the view from my favorite spot in the house, my sofa. I no longer own a television (Oh sure, I watch plenty of Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime).



In this spot, Daisy sits beside me, I mean on top of me whilst I work on my latest project.



Oh, England! I shall celebrate the motherland by drinking a cup of Earl Gray.





To my right, is my favorite cup and beverage.


Here is my other favorite spot — because of the twinkle lights. I keep them on for the hour I sit in bed writing in my journal.


Pinterest… we owe you so much!

This is another spot I enjoy. The cottage kitchen is too small for a dishwasher. This is my view while I have my hands in soapy water, in naught but a house frock.


Really, I can talk about the stupidest things for hours… but, come on, leap onto the bandwagon and tell me about a favorite spot in your house. Don’t forget a photo.


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Taking a break for a walk. Someday I’m going to post photos of all the gates in the neighborhood. There are so many and they’re all interesting. But not today. I’ll start with this one, however:


I took this on the 4th of July and I think it’s appropriate even now. But here is more color for you:


I call it the flower tunnel — the tunnel of Love right down the street from me.


This neighbor has his Christmas light already lit up. Christmas in July.


Red, white, and… no blue.

20140704_122647 20140704_122250

Here’s another gate… and palm fronds.


This is my favorite photo. Love the colors on white. 

Hope you’re having a colorful day as well!