Love My Spot, Love Me

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My favorite spot in my house…


Actually, this is the view from my favorite spot in the house, my sofa. I no longer own a television (Oh sure, I watch plenty of Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime).



In this spot, Daisy sits beside me, I mean on top of me whilst I work on my latest project.



Oh, England! I shall celebrate the motherland by drinking a cup of Earl Gray.





To my right, is my favorite cup and beverage.


Here is my other favorite spot — because of the twinkle lights. I keep them on for the hour I sit in bed writing in my journal.


Pinterest… we owe you so much!

This is another spot I enjoy. The cottage kitchen is too small for a dishwasher. This is my view while I have my hands in soapy water, in naught but a house frock.


Really, I can talk about the stupidest things for hours… but, come on, leap onto the bandwagon and tell me about a favorite spot in your house. Don’t forget a photo.


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